Exclusively on the Radix network.

First Collection: MEERKAT MAFIA

Everyone needs a meerkat on their side.


To reserve an NFT from Mafia NFT's premiere 1000-image collection MEERKAT MAFIA:

You will receive 1 MRKAT token for each 150 XRD you send to the Mafia NFT wallet address. If you wish to reserve more than one NFT, you may send the total XRD cost of the NFTs in one transaction. There is a limit of 20 MRKAT per collector. 


Mafia NFT Radix address:


When Babylon goes live on the Radix network later this year, you can redeem each MRKAT token to mint 1 randomly selected MEERKAT MAFIA NFT.

Additionally, holders on MRKAT tokens will have access to airdrops, special community events, and whitelisting for upcoming Mafia NFT collections. 

150 XRD = 1 MRKAT token 

If you would like an email confirmation of your reservation, include your email address in the transaction message.

For now, we are processing transactions manually, so please allow 24-48 hours to receive your MRKAT token, once you have sent payment to Mafia NFT. 


You may earn discounts or free NFTs if you use MAFIA tokens, which are distributed through airdrops and community events. Check out our Telegram channel and Twitter for details. 

When reserving NFTs: 1 MAFIA = 1 XRD.

For a use case, if you want to reserve one NFT at a price of 150 XRD, and you are holding 120 MAFIA tokens, you may reserve that NFT by sending 2 transactions to the Mafia NFT Radix wallet:


We are a growing North America-based collective of technologists and digital artists who have met online and bonded over our enthusiasm for the Radix network and community. We began building Mafia NFT in November 2021, and can not wait to share our upcoming collections with the world.